I'm Tariq.

Meet Meta Tariq

I'm a researcher from Kingston, Jamaica.🇯🇲

Here are a few pictures that, in my opinion, capture who I am as a person because, in most cases, I believe that pictures speak louder than words.

My Story

When I was five years old and received my first gaming console, the PlayStation 1, I discovered a love for technology. Since then, I believe my path has been largely predestined. I majored in Mechanical Engineering before switching to Computer Science because I have always been interested in technology and in developing new technology. Before the Thermodynamics course in Mechanical Engineering humbled me, I truly believed I could be like Iron Man.

I recently earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Howard University in 2020, and I'm now working there as a Graduate Research Assistant on a virtual reality project for the Microsoft Racism in Psychiatry Project while pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction.

In my free time, I love to play and watch football ⚽️. You can also catch me at the gym these days STILL trying to lose the COVID weight gain. I also love music 🤟🏿, anime ✨, and I love to play video games 🎮.

I’m always open to meeting new people and one of my life goals is to create or be a part of something special that makes the world just a little bit happier 🤏🏿.

My favorite song right now