This is a redesign of the splash of the PlayStation Website. I felt as though the current design was very tired, static, and does not exercise expert use of modern UX design guidelines.

The Problem

1. The first thing my friend said to me when I showed him a screenshot of what the PlayStation website looked like right now was "Ew" and I will not tolerate PlayStation slander in my presence 😡 . Something needed to be done 😤 .

2. A good welcome splash page, especially ahead of the launch of a such an anticipated product like the PlayStation 5, should offer the consumer as much information as possible and after the recent PlayStation event, quite a bit of information was revealed and there is enough unused space, as I've pointed out, where snippets of this information can be offered to the consumer upon arrival to the website. There is no immediate incentive offered to the user for them to stay on the page apart from the obvious fact it's the new PlayStation.

3. "Play has no limits" is not emphasized enough by this boring mirrored image of the PlayStation 5, when there are better depictions of this slogan out there.

4. Finally, the only call to action on the splash page is also off to the side and not made a center of attention to the user.

The Solution

1. The first thing I will address is the "Play has no limits" slogan. The picture I have chosen here gives more meaning to the slogan than the current picture as it shows off the line up of devices that will be available at launch for the new PlayStation.

2. Probably the most obvious change is the amount of information on display off the bat, offering more value to the user to keep them interested and encourage them to stay on the page and learn more.

3. The main call to action is also in a more appropriately placed position for the user to see.

4. Last but not least the amount of unused space has also been reduced without sacrificing too much white space so that the page does not feel cluttered.

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